Location Information, Data and Media sharing

Live Closer does not share sensitive information with any third parties not related to the core function of the app. All other stakeholders can be found under Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Location Information Sharing

You must please take note, that after you have signed up to Live Closer your general area (Locality) will be visible to other users in the app.

Eg Lion rd.

Once you have positively matched with another user, either by sending them a match request or by accepting their match request - your full address will be visible to that specific user only.

This is the core feature of the app - getting two people in contact to see if they can live closer.

By using Live Closer you consent to your locality being available to all users and your address available to matched users.

Media and information

Usernames, home details entered by you and photos uploaded will be visible to all other users using the application.