The guide to Live Closer

Users start off by providing their Home Address and the address of the place they want to live closer to, Closer Address.

A list of other users who Live Closer to their Closer Address gets displayed on the Live Closer tab, here only the locality is visible, not the full address.

They can view this user's profile, showing home details, locality and uploaded photos, and send a match request if you are interested.

Alternatively you can accept a match request directed at you.

On the Matches Page, only those users you have actively been matched with are displayed. Either from sending them a Match Request, or a Match Request you accepted.

From here their profile can be viewed, with home details, uploaded photos and the full address.

On this profile the "set Viewing Date' option is available from either user, once both users have agreed on the address and date and time of the viewing, its confirmed and the two users can attend the viewing.

From here any further actions are upon the two user to make the exchange of homes happen if both are happy to continue down this route.